Black Mask Review*

Hey loves! So, I've been hearing a lot lately about this black mask that makes black pores disappear in just the first use. I got mine from Banggood in a very good deal.

Summer Trends | 2017 Edition*

There are some trends this period you just can’t ignore. What we all imagine when we hear the word “ summer” is prints, and colors, and maybe loose and thin fabrics. Summer 2017 is all about them, plus some trends that came back from the past. A perfect example can be off shoulder tops. I may have over than a dozen of them, literally. They are comfy, and give a boho style to your outfit setting.

When flowers bloom and birds roar

Hey there! The weather has been really tricky those days and it's one of those periods when you just don't know if you should dress for summer or for any other season. And as I always like to say, when you have a dilemma, go for both (not very handy when it comes at shopping though), this is what I went for on my outfit.

Feelings & Attitude*

Hey loves! Honestly speaking I've been into RnB music a lot lately and everything with that vibe is more than welcomed in my life. Most of you may have heard about the expression " Kanye attitude with Drake feelings" and when I saw it printed on a t shirt I went completely nuts. I just had to have it, simple as that. Because I wanted all the attention to the t shirt, I decided to wear black denim shorts and a simple pair of sneakers. As for the hair, my current color is brown with green but I was feeling more red and long, so I mad a bun with hair extensions.

Purple Maxi Dress*

Hey sweethearts! Purple June this month and what is more accurate than a purplemaxi dress? If you’re not into purple, no worries, cause a long sleeve navy blue dress would be perfect for you.

I got a message from a teenage viewer (hi there :*), where she asked me which color would I consider perfect for summer? Given the fact that she was interested in night outfit colors, I will say white, light blue and purple. That is what triggered me to start finding some dresses you might like.